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Is COVID-19 Rapid Test an Eligible Expense?

The GTFM’s Key Principles outlines that, “the University of Toronto will reimburse out-of-pocket, university business travel and related expenses that are legitimate, reasonable and appropriate for the business activity undertaken”.

As travel restrictions are beginning to loosen, resuming travel for research or other University business purposes may be deemed essential. If someone needs to travel for University related business they should be reimbursed for all business-related costs incurred for the trip (flight, hotel, meals, etc.). This may include the cost of a COVID-19 Rapid Test, which is required to return to Canada or fly to another country, as long as it is not a personal benefit to the individual, but a requirement before entry can be granted.

All documentation should be attached to the claim, should the claim be questioned by internal or external auditors at a later date.

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Last Updated:  March 31, 2022