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Is it against policy for a department to make a payment directly to AMEX, on behalf of an employee, who has used their Corporate AMEX Travel and Hospitality Card?

No, it is not against policy. However, since the employee is liable for all charges to their AMEX Travel and Hospitality Card, including late payment charges, the preferred payment method is for the employee to pay AMEX Bank of Canada directly and then follow the expense reimbursement policies and procedures listed in the Guide to Financial Management (GTFM).

If the department chooses to process the AMEX payment on behalf of the employee and, for any reason, the payment does not reach AMEX in time (i.e. problems with the cheque run or campus mail, etc.), payment of any resulting late payment penalties is STILL the responsibility of the employee (i.e. cardholder). The University department will NOT reimburse for these costs.

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