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What is “PERA” (i.e., UTFA) and what can it be used for?

The PERA (Professional Expense Reimbursement Allowance) is an annual allowance that is available to the UofT Faculty Association (UTFA).  The two terms “UTFA” and “PERA”, are often used interchangeably when referring to this allowance.

There is often confusion regarding the PERA funds and what policies govern the spending of these funds. The PERA funds are governed by the standard University Travel and Expense reimbursement policy in the GTFM that governs all operating accounts. Please see the HR article which outlines some examples of allowable expenses.

Approved expense reimbursement claims will be paid in accordance with the standard University policy.  Goods acquired from this fund are the property of the University.  To access the PERA funds when processing in FIS, use the EXP-UTFA commitment item.

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Last Updated:  December 5, 2022