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Recommended Documentation for Long-Term Accommodation

If a staff member is required to spend more than one continuous month in a single location, appropriate arrangements for suitable rental or board and lodging accommodation at weekly or monthly rates should be made in advance of the start of the travel period.

In circumstances where long-term accommodation is deemed appropriate, it is recommended that approval from the Principal, Dean, Director, Chair or Senior Executive to whom the traveller reports should be obtained in advance.

In order to substantiate a claim, it is recommended that the following documentation be provided:

  1. Detailed Statement of Charges (i.e. Original Receipt or Rental Agreement)
    • Name of the establishment and/or owner of the property to whom payments will be made
    • Address and Phone Number
    • Length of Stay
    • Amount
  2. Proof of Payment
    • Credit Card Statement or front and back of cancelled cheque

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Last Updated:  December 12, 2017