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GTFM Policy regarding to Approvals of Air/Rail Travel

The GTFM policy for air/rail travel clarifies the policy related to approvals of long flight segments. Specifically, long flight segments (i.e. exceeding 6 hours in duration) require written approval prior to the travel booking by the head of the unit (principal, dean, director, chair or senior executive) OR one-up approval if the traveler is the head of the unit if the flight expense is being reimbursed from a source other than a research grant.

Examples of non-research funds that apply:

  • Operating Funds Centers
  • P.I. Funds Centers
  • PERA Funds (i.e. EXP-UTFA)
  • Non-research restricted funds (e.g., endowed chairs)

If the expense is being reimbursed from a research grant, then the sponsor’s applicable travel policy would apply.

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Last Updated:  October 18, 2021