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To use an OTA vendor account, or to request a permanent vendor account, that is the question.

Should you use an OTA vendor account, or should you request Procurement Services create a new vendor account in AMS? If you are unsure, you are not alone. The choice can be a daunting one and you may be unsure of which will suit your needs.

Using the checklist below can make this a very simple task.

The OTA vendor account should be used only when ALL OF THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS EXIST:

A vendor account does not exist
The transaction size does not exceed $9,999.99, pre-tax
You do not anticipate using the vendor more than once in a fiscal year


In addition to the conditions above, using an OTA vendor account is NOT RECOMMENDED if:

  • You will be relying on the supplier to provide warranty or support services for a period greater than 12-months.
  • You are purchasing recurring services to be rendered after the payment is made in full.

If you are creating a purchase requisition or purchase order, you MUST use a permanent vendor number.

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Last Updated:  May 3, 2023