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What are the payment terms for vendors set up for electronic funds transfers (EFT)?

For the select vendors who are set up for payments via direct deposit/EFT, the payment methods will vary (e.g., immediate, 7 days or 25 days) and will be derived from the Vendor Master Record.

Most non-EFT vendors  will continue to have standard payment terms of 35 days (i.e. coded YT05 in FIS).

The most common Payment Term and corresponding AMS codes are:

  • YT00 = Due Immediately
  • YT04 = 7 days
  • YT09 = 25 days
  • YT05 = 35 day

NOTE: Users do not enter it when processing payments in FIS.

Please see the screenshots below to locate an EFT vendor’s payment terms:

Vendor Account Search

The Payment Terms appear in the vendor search results:

Accounts Payable Invoices (i.e., under $10,000 before tax)

Once the Basic Data tab is complete in the FB60 – Invoice screen, the payment terms will appear as indicated below:

Display the Invoice after posting

Once an invoice has been posted, users can display the financial document (i.e. 19-series OR 51-series) and locate the payment terms by:

STEP 1 – Display the Financial Document in FB03 – Document Display, and double click line 1 (i.e. the Vendor line).


STEP 2 – Locate Payment Terms

Purchase Orders

When processing a Purchase Order, the Payment Terms code can be found within the Header section >> Delivery/Invoice tab:

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Last Updated:  July 24, 2023