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Understanding Accountable Advances – What are they, when can you use them and when are cheques produced?

What are Accountable Advances?

An Accountable Advance is a cash payment to an individual to cover future expenditures after all other University payment options have been examined.

Who approves Accountable Advances?

Accountable advances are issued only under the approval of a Principal, Dean, Director or Chair and must be recorded against a University employee number.

When can I use an Accountable Advance?

Accountable advances are generally only to be used for travel or subject payments. Only in rare situations where no other payment options are available can an accountable advance be used for non-travel expenditures.

When are Accountable Advance cheques produced?

Accountable Advance cheques are produced once per week, on Wednesday.


For more information on accountable advances, please refer to the Guide to Financial Management section Accountable Advances.

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Last Updated:  January 23, 2024