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Who do I contact if a PROCNTL entry is posted to my departmental accounts?

The Production Control staff CANNOT provide details related to the entries posted.

Using the information provided in the document, identify the appropriate departmental contact in the table below:


Doc. Type Document Type
Doc. Number Range Description

(i.e., Ref. Doc., Doc.
Hdr Text, Text, Assignment)

Department   Responsible   Contact
RV Billing doc transaction 9000000000 – 9099999999 Caretaking, Moving Services
& Trade Shop Overhead
Facilities & Services Rita Aloi
SA DM / Journal Entry 1000000000 – 1099999999 Scarborough Financial Services (SCFS) Scarborough Financial Services Danny Wen
(Manager, Accounting and Processing Support, Financial Services)416-208-8173
SA DM / Journal Entry 1000000000 – 1099999999 SSHRC Institutional Grant
Research Oversight and Compliance Office Angeline Viclar
(Research Accountant)416-978-7028
SA DM / Journal Entry 1000000000 – 1099999999 PTS recoveries from inter Physics Store
(Physics Department)
Arman Molki
(Director of Physics Learning
& Research Services)416-978-0626
SA DM / Journal Entry 1000000000 – 1099999999 Expendable Funds
Investment Pool (EFIP)
Trust Accounting and Treasury Peter Tang
(Supervisor of Trust Accounting)416-978-6445
SA DM / Journal Entry 1000000000 – 1099999999 Monthly Charges for :

  • Fabric
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Waste Management/Garbage
  • Recycling
  • Fire Prevention
  • Police Services
  • Mail Services
  • Caretaking
  • Operational Cost Recovery
Facilities and Services Rita Aloi (Accountant)


SA DM / Journal Entry 1000000000 – 1099999999 Monthly Rent for Various Locations Department of Real Estate Partnerships Preet Shahi
(Business Analyst)416-946-7479
SA DM / Journal Entry 1000000000 – 1099999999 LTCAP Income Distribution Trust Accounting & Treasury Peter Tang
(Supervisor of Trust Accounting)416-978-6445
SA DM / Journal Entry 1000000000 – 1099999999 OH (Overhead) Research Oversight and Compliance Annaliza Co
(FIS Business Analyst – RAISE)416-978-7577
SA DM / Journal Entry 1000000000 – 1099999999 ECE Res. Computer Support Electrical & Computer Engineering Krisztina Harmath
(Director of Administration & Finance)416-978-3988
YA Import Custom Inf 6000000000 – 6099999999 Customs – Thompson, Ahern & Co. Limited (Thompson Ahern) Thompson, Ahern & Co. Limited (Thompson Ahern) Please visit the Procurement Service Customs page.
YB Payroll Interface 6100000000 – 6199999999 Postings from Payroll Accounting Payroll Services Natalia Smaliuk
(Manager,  Payroll Services)416-978-2814
YC F & S Billing 6200000000 – 6299999999
  • Cleaning Services
  • Fabric & Mechanical Maintenance
Facilities & Services Billing Rita Aloi
YF MSB Billing Intfc 6500000000 – 6599999999 DCM – Service Billings Medical Sciences Building Priya Kissoon
(Business Officer)416-978-4866
YG Voice Comm Intfc 6600000000 – 6699999999 Communications Billing Information Technology Services Michelle Da Ponte
(Administrative Assistant)416-978-4403
YH EToken 6700000000 – 6799999999 EToken Billing AMS Billing Ashley Langille

Information for Departmental eToken Administrators
ITS – eToken
YJ Fees Interface 6900000000 – 6999999999 Fees Monthend Student Accounts Ruth Bonifaz
(Supervisor, Student Accounts)416-978-6400
YL Foreign draft intf 8100000000 – 8199999999 Draft Accounts Payable Linda Wong
(Supervisor of Accounting Services)416-978-2511
YM Student Award intfc 8700000000 – 8799999999 OSA Award payment Enrolment Services Christine Avery Nunez
(Associate Director)416-978-7956
YN SGS interface 8800000000 – 8899999999 Award Payment Student Accounts Ruth Bonifaz
(Supervisor, Student Accounts)416-978-6400
YR Mastercard 7300000000 – 7399999999 Purchasing Card (Mastercard) Procurement Services General Inquiries

YS SCS Revenue Spec 7400000000 – 7499999999 SCS Revenue Postings (waiver, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, cheque, charge, bank wire) School of Continuing Studies Mary Jane Dundas – Interim Contact
(Chief Financial Officer/
Assistant Director)416-978-5667
YT Space Management 400000000 – 409999999 Meeting Room Bookings
(St. George Campus)
Office of Space Management Shayda Lessan
Financial Officer416-978-8609
YU Physics 500000000 – 509999999 Cryogenics Store – Charges Physics Store
(Physics Department)
Robert Henderson
(Cryogenics Facility Manager)416-978-8510
YV Salary Recov Inv 1800000000 – 1899999999 MED Departmental – Salary Recovery Faculty of Medicine Fan Zhang
(Financial Analyst) 416-978-2063
YW Chemistry billing 600000000 – 609999999 Chemistry Store – Purchases Chemistry Store
(Chemistry Department)
Kania Prahasto
(Financial Assistant) 416-978-3572
YZ RF A/R Adjustments 9800000000 – 9899999999 Accounts Receivable – Interest Charges Accounts Receivables Department (A/R) Nataliya Iordakiyeva
(Accounts Receivables Administrator)416-978-2073
Y5 VOIP Billing 6600000000 – 6699999999 Monthly VoIP Telecom Charges (Recurring, hardware and long distance) Telecommunications Department General VoIP Support & Inquiries


ZH PhysEd&Hlth 400000000 – 409999999 KPE Recreations Billing Kinesiology & Physical Education Jennifer Jung (Senior Finance Officer)


ZJ Mail Services 1100000000 – 1199999999 Mail Services
(Metering Fees/Surcharges)
Campus Mail Services Reno Stano
(Manager, Mail Services)416-978-2101


Cell & System Bio 300000000 =3099999999 CSB Shop Charges Cell & Systems Biology Roshni Gopal

(Financial Officer)


ZW FICA Postings 7500000000 – 7999999999 Student Awards Student Awards Ruth Bonifaz
(Supervisor, Student Accounts)416-978-6400

If the document type is not listed in the table above, please contact your FAST team representative.

Last Updated:  May 31, 2023