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Who is eligible to receive Expense Reimbursement Direct Deposit (ERDD)?

Employees with the following HRIS status and valid Banking Data are eligible for ERDD:

  • Employment Status:
    • Active
  • Personnel Area:
    • 0001 – Appointed
    • 0002 – Non-appointed
    • 0003 – Students and Fellows
    • 0004 – External Appointed

A nightly vendor update is run to check employee status and create a vendor number for any eligible appointed employees . The nightly process updates all existing vendor accounts with any changes in status or banking information through HRIS.


ERDD’s for Casual Employees

Processing of ERDD transactions for casual employees is the same as for appointed employees with the following two exceptions:

  • ERDD vendor numbers for casual employees will NOT be automatically created.
  • When processing the first ERDD transaction for a casual employee, you will need to manually create the vendor account in FIS using the “Create/Update Vendor” button.

NOTE: This step can not be done using the ERDD on the Web screen and is only required prior to the first ERDD posting for each casual employee.

Please note that employee bank information used for expense reimbursement direct deposit is the same as the payroll direct deposit account in HRIS and can not be re-directed.

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Last Updated:  September 14, 2023