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Why did I get the error message “Payment Method in document does not match method in Vendor” when processing an invoice payment?

This error message appears when processing a payment to an EFT vendor, and a user enters a payment method (e.g. C = CAD dollar cheque, B = USD dollar cheque or D = Foreign draft) that conflicts with the payment method that is configured in the vendor’s master record. All EFT vendors configured with payment method “E” in their vendor master record. User should leave the payment method blank.

However, if you receive the error message indicated below, please delete the payment method and continue to process the invoice.

NOTE: The only instance users will enter the Payment Method (“F”), is when a PO-related Invoice Receipt for a non-EFT vendor or Honoraria is processed as a wire transfer. Learn more about the wire transfer process in this article.

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Last Updated:  August 23, 2022