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The following are links to specific financial policies and guidelines at the University of Toronto.  For a comprehensive listing of University policies, please refer to the Governing Council website

Guide to Financial Management

The Guide to Financial Management (GTFM) is a key resource for financial administrators, staff and faculty on how to handle financial related issues at the University of Toronto. This guide is maintained and updated by the Financial Services Department.

Developing and Implementing Policy

As University staff members perform their responsibilities, they will be guided by the policies set by the University governance and the regulations, guidelines and procedures developed by the administration to implement those policies. This section provides links to the Governing Council website, which includes more information on the various boards and committees involved in developing and implementing policy.

Approval and Execution of Contracts and Documents

The Governing Council has established this Policy on Approval and Execution of Contracts and Documents, which was approved on February 9, 2006 (revised November 17, 2008)

Budget Change Policy

Approved March 7, 1994

Capital Planning and Capital Projects Policy

Approved by Governing Council on October 28, 2021

Disposal of Capital Assets

Policy on Disposal of Capital Assets and Allocation of Proceeds of Disposition (including Regulations), approved June 25, 1991.

Long-Term Capital Appreciation Pool Policy

Approved November, 2000

Preservation of Capital of Endowment Funds

Policy for the Preservation of Capital of Endowment Funds. Approved November 20, 2001. This policy is intended to apply to all endowed funds of the University, including funds in the Long-Term Capital Appreciation Pool and specifically invested trust funds.

Procurement Policy

Approved by the Business Board on April 28, 2020.

University Funds Investment Policy

Approved October 7, 2019

Use of Capital Assets Away from University Premises

Policy on Use of Capital Assets Away from University Premises (including Regulations). Approved June 25, 1991.