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Information Sessions

Information Sessions The following documents were presented during FIS information sessions.

Descriptions Material
Enhancements to Funds Center Reporting

Enhancements have been made to both the Funding: FC or Fund report and Commitment Item reporting to better enable you to perform detailed budget to actual variance analysis. These enhancements have become effective for 2015 fiscal year.

Read through the presentation slides to learn what’s new, what’s the same and how you can leverage these enhancements to facilitate the management of your Funds Center accounts.


  • Enhancements to the Funding: Funds Center or Fund report output: What’s in it for you?
  • Funds Center annual budget allocations now loaded into detailed Commitment Items
    • Note: This has no impact on funds availability rules, but enables better reporting options.
  • Impact of new Funds Center budget view on the carryforward of outstanding PO’s and Manual Reserves


 PDF Icon(updated 15-May-15)
Enhancements to F&S Monthly Customer Statement

Facilities & Services has developed a new F&S Monthly Customer Statement report. This new report will replace the existing Monthly Customer Statement report.

NOTE:   Business Officers/Financial Officers are required to review the F&S Monthly Customer Statement Report as part of the month-end reconciliation process mandated by the Annual Accountability Report.  The transaction code for the report is ZFVR019A, and can be run for the period May 2014 onwards. For transactions posted prior to May 2014, users will revert back to the old report (transaction code ZV37).

The F&S Monthly Customer Statement report contains several key enhancements aimed at improving efficiency, and increasing transparency.


  • What’s New: An Overview of the Enhancements
  • F&S Month-End Statement: Current Version
  • Enhanced F&S Month-End Statement:
  • Selection Criteria
  • Drilldown Capability
  • Excel Download
  • Summary: Before/After Enhancements



PDF Icon(updated 15-May-2015)