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Training Calendar

To support the effective management of University resources and promote sound financial accounting principles, the Financial Advisory Services & Training (FAST) team offers a comprehensive set of courses and workshops throughout the year.

UPDATE:  All courses and workshops are rescheduled and will be delivered online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact Rames Paramsothy ( or 416-978-4675) for more information.


FIS Course Calendar

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Our offerings are divided into three categories:  Standard Curriculum, Reporting Courses & Workshops

Standard Curriculum (SC)

The FIS Standard Curriculum is a set of nine courses that provide the foundation for accounting, budgeting and controlling at the University of Toronto. Each course covers best practices and business processes involved in performing common financial transactions within the University’s Financial Information System (FIS).

Standard Curriculum Courses (in sequence):

  1. FIS Overview
  2. A/P Processing Part 1: Basic Data Entry
  3. A/P Processing Part 2: Expense Reimbursements
  4. G/L Account Postings: Basic Data Entry
  5. A/P and G/L Account Postings: Troubleshooting
  6. Logistics: Purchase Requisitions & Purchase Orders
  7. Logistics: Goods Receipts & Invoice Receipts
  8. Basic Funds Management Reporting
  9. Basic Controlling Reporting




Reporting Courses (RP)

Reporting courses cover specific topics addressing commonly used reports, their characteristics and functions. These courses are recommended for experienced FIS users. The structure of these courses is typically lecture with an opportunity for attendants to test out the presented reports using their departmental account codes.

Examples of reporting topics: Reconciling Month End Statements, Year-End Carryforward and Budget Analysis.




FIS Workshops (WS)

FIS workshops are designed to give FIS users a better understanding of specific FIS topics that are not covered in the Standard Curriculum and Reporting courses. They typically are structured in a lecture format.

Example of workshop topics: Managing Travel Expenses, Manual Reserves and Updating CO Plans for Operating Budgets.



Learn More!

To learn more about the material covered in our workshops and courses, visit the FAST Team Training site

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Financial Advisory Services & Training (FAST) team Training Coordinator, Rames Paramsothy  or call 416.978.4675