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Supporting Documents

The following documents provide the foundation for all learners who attend the FIS Standard Curriculum.

Descriptions Material

Introduction to FIS

Introduction to Financial Information Systems (FIS) provides the foundation for all courses within the FIS Standard Curriculum.This document introduces commonly used terms, account types and acronyms as well as illustrate how the three FIS components are used to meet the University’s financial reporting requirements. 

Topics include:

  • An overview of the Financial Information System (FIS)
  • Introduction to the three core components of FIS (Financial Accounting, Funds Management and Controlling)
  • Define commonly used account codes (e.g., Fund Centers, Cost Centers, General Ledgers) and their unique characteristics
  • Navigating within AMS


PDF Icon (updated 15-May-15)

The Purchasing Cycle at the University

This document provides a foundation for all courses covering Accounts Payable and Logistics. Specifically, this document provides a broad overview of the University’s purchasing cycle and it’s various components.It is recommend that you read this prior to attending the Accounts Payable Processing 1 – Basic Data Entry course. 

Topics include:

  • Understanding the components of the University’s purchasing process, and how they relate to each other
  • Identifying and screening potential suppliers
  • GTFM Guidelines around purchasing and payments
  • Requirements for various payment methods


PDF Icon (updated 8-June-2020)