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Non-Research Restricted Funds

Non-research restricted funds consist mainly of donations received by the University to be used for non-research purposes such as student awards, and for other academic purposes referred to as trust funds. It also includes non-research grants and contracts that the University receives from time to time. Non-research restricted funds are held in individual funds usually supported by a donor agreement, or reflecting a collection of small donations with common restrictions.

Student Awards

Student award funds include funds for scholarships, fellowships, bursaries, prizes and loans, and are designated either for undergraduate or graduate students.

Trust Funds

Although all restricted funds are received in trust, the term “trust fund” is generally used to refer to restricted funds OTHER than research awards, student awards and non-research agreements. This section details how to establish and manage a trust fund, as well as how to invest in the EFIP, spending and planning, and reporting to donors.

Non-Research Grants and Contracts

Requirements for funding that does not fall under the terms of reference for the division of Vice-President, Research & Innovation, i.e. non-research awards, are covered in this section.



Last revision September 19, 2022