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AMEX Travel and Hospitality Card Payment Processing thru FIS

Is it against policy for a department to make a payment directly to AMEX Bank of Canada, on behalf of an employee, who has used their Corporate AMEX Travel and Hospitality Card? ~ Can a payment be processed for the AMEX Travel and Hospitality Card without the employee first completing the expense reimbursement form and having it properly authorized by the appropriate approver? ~ Which vendor number should be used to process an AMEX Travel and Hospitality Card payment thru FIS? ~ Can I use a one-time-only (OTO) vendor number to process an AMEX payment? ~ What are the payment terms for the AMEX Travel and Hospitality Card? ~ What information should be entered in the “reference” field of the FIS vendor invoice for the payment to be applied correctly by AMEX?

Addressing Cheques

How do I complete the address screen for campus mail delivery? ~ What is the correct way to enter the address for an OTA vendor?

Attaching Electronic Images to SAP Documents

Is it possible to attach an electronic image of a supporting document to an existing SAP document?

Broader Public Sector (BPS) Guidelines

Questions about the application of the new Broader Public Sector (BPS) Guidelines.

Cash Deposit

What items do I need to verify when preparing a deposit? ~ What are the most common deposit errors? ~ How many copies of the deposit form do I need to submit?

Cheque Production

When are CAD and USD cheques produced for employees (expense reimbursements)? ~ When are CAD and USD cheques produced for commercial (non-employee) vendors? ~ When are foreign drafts produced? ~ When are Accountable Advance cheques produced? ~ Has a cheque has been issued? ~ Why wasn’t the cheque produced? ~ How do I request a stop payment on a cheque?

Credit Memo

What do I do with a credit memo received from an OTA vendor?


Questions regarding expense reimbursement direct deposit

Exchange Rate

How do I look up the exchange rate?


How do I process a payment against EXP-UTFA or PERA (Personal Expense Reimbursement Allowance) for faculty?


Which tax codes should I use when processing the expense reimbursement? ~ What tax code should I use when reimbursing for Conference/Registration Fees when the function was attended in the following: a. Ontario, New Brunswick or Newfoundland & Labrador? b. British Columbia? c. Nova Scotia? d. All other provinces or territories? e. Out of the country? ~ Where can I find a list of the HST tax codes? ~ How will Kuehne and Nagel deal with the HST on goods purchased from outside Canada? ~ Are First Nations status card holders exempt from the provincial part of the HST?

Internal Payments

How do I process a payment to another department?

Login to FIS – SAP

I forgot my password, or have trouble logging into AMS…

Non-Payroll Payments

What are the expense reimbursement rates (per Diem allowance)? ~ How do I pay honoraria? ~ When can I use an Accountable Advance?

OTA One Time Only Account

When should I use an OTA vendor account?

Printing from FIS – SAP

Hints and Tips about printing

PROCNTL Entries and Document Types

Who do I contact if a PROCNTL entry is charged to my departmental accounts?

Purchase Order – Goods Receipt – Invoice Receipt

How do I make line item text show up in the line item reports for the GR/IR documents? ~ How do I make sure text appears in the invoice document for a PO with a split account assignment? ~ How can I print an additional copy of a purchase order? ~ How do I cancel the outstanding balance of a purchase order?

Running reports

How do I run a report in the background? ~ How can I find out which report to run? ~ What do the icons on the Report tool bar mean, and how do I use them?

Tax Code Corrections

I accidentally used an incorrect tax code while processing an invoice. The cheque has already been processed. Is it still possible to correct the tax code?

Using Excel with SAP

How to setup Excel for use with SAP? What is the correct Excel download setting to export a SAP report? ~ How to change the default download setting?