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Discontinuation of Draft Payments in British Pounds (GBP)

Drafts in British Pound Sterling (GBP) are expected to be discontinued in the UK as all large-scale banks are in the process of moving away from paper disbursements . As a result,  Accounts Payable will no longer be issuing GBP drafts.

Going forward, any payments in GBP should be paid using the Purchasing Card (PCard) or as an  outgoing foreign wire transfer.

IMPORTANT: If the payment is for a service that was performed in Canada (such as an honorarium), a 15% withholding tax should be applied to the payment, and a FIS document be entered using vendor 990268 (see resource).

For non-PO related invoices or reimbursements in GBP under $10,000 (in CAD before tax), please

For Purchase Order related invoice payments and honoraria in GBP, please

NOTE:  See this article for instructions.

  1. process the transaction in AMS/FIS as usual.
  2. IMPORTANT: Use the FB02-Document Change screen (GuideSimulation) and update the Payment Method to “F”.

NOTE: If the payment method is not changed, wire transfer can still be issued IF the department submits a wire request; on the other hand if the payment method is blank and the department submits a wire request, a cheque could be issued in addition to a wire transfer being processed. Send Accounts Payable the completed Wire Transfer form and supporting documentation (e.g., invoice, expense report form, approval signatures).

If you have questions regarding filling out the form, please see the instructions.


Help speed up the process for outgoing foreign wire transfers by:

  • sending 1 email per wire transfer request
  • clearly identify the purpose of the email (e.g., Wire Transfer – invoice #)
  • ensuring attached invoice correctly identifies the buyer (i.e. University of Toronto). See this article for more information on HST requirements.
  • send any follow-up/additional information in the same email thread and email address
  • ensuring payment currency (i.e., GBP) is clearly identified on invoice.
  • (if applicable), indicate if the services were performed in Canada or outside of the country.


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Last Updated:  April 30, 2024