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How to process Invoice Payments in a Foreign Currency (under 10k)


Departments have a few options when processing an invoice payment, under $10,000 before tax, in a foreign currency.

These options include:

1) A departmental Purchasing Card. For additional information regarding PCard thresholds and allowable uses, please visit the Procurement Services website.

2) Foreign draft if the currency is available in FIS. Please see the dropdown below for a full list of currencies, in addition to CDN and USD, that are currently available within FIS. If a vendor does not have a vendor number in FIS, departments can use the foreign OTA account number (990003) under certain circumstances. Please click here for more information.

List of active currencies in FIS that can be used for foreign draft payments

EUR – Euro
HKD – Hong Kong Dollar
JPY – Japanese Yen
SGD – Singapore Dollar


3) Outgoing Wire Transfer. If the required currency is not included in the list, payment can only be issued via a wire transfer. For additional information about this process, please click here.


Please Note: For payments over $10k before tax, departments are required to create a Purchase Order with a 3-series vendor number. If a new vendor number needs to be created in FIS, please speak with Procurement Services.

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Last Updated:  March 15, 2024