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The Updated ERDD – Web Application: Documentation & Support

As part of the SAP Enterprise Modernization initiation, the Expense Reimbursement Direct Deposit (ERDD) web application will have a new modern, intuitive user interface as of June 14th, 2021.

The updated application will function the same as it did in the past. Users will still be able to create (for own or others), edit, display and delete (before posted to AMS) expense claims.

Users will access the ERDD – Web application via Employee Self Service portal.

Note: Internet Explorer is not recommended for the ERDD – Web application since SAP does not support IE, and it may result in errors. Please use another browser.

This page provides users with an introduction to the new interface, and to help familiarize users with how to perform common activities in the application.

Watch this sneak peak of the updated application:


Connect + Learn Information Sessions - Recordings and Slides

The ERDD – Web application is a tool used throughout the University to submit, post and review expense reimbursement claims in a user-friendly web interface. This 1 hour Connect + Learn session presented by the FAST Team will introduce the University community to the updated ERDD – Web application interface that will go live on June 14th.


  • What has and has not changed
  • Navigating the new interface
  • How to save/submit ERDD’s
  • How to search and locate ERDD claims

Presentation Slides


Procedural Reference Guides and Simulations

  • How to Enter an ERDD – Web Application (For Yourself – No AMS Posting Access) :  SIMULATION    |    DOCUMENT
  • How to Enter an ERDD – Web Application (For Others – with AMS Posting Access):  SIMULATION    |    DOCUMENT
  • How to Enter an ERDD – Web Application (For Yourself – Business Officer Access):  SIMULATION    |    DOCUMENT


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