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FIORI Launchpad Reporting – Documentation & Support

As part of the S/4HANA Migration, the decommissioned RPT Instance has been replaced by a web-based reporting solution called FIORI Launchpad (FLP) Reporting.

Features of the FIORI Launchpad Reporting application:

  • Enhanced modern design and more intuitive and simplified user experience
  • Select priority reports are available 24/7 displaying live AMS data
  • Includes financial, HR and Research report (depending on authorization)
  • Available during AMS downtimes (e.g., the upcoming Fiscal Year End, Holiday Shut Down, Fiscal Month End and pay runs)

Initial phase/release will consist of 25 must-have AMS reports, which includes a mix of HRIS, FIS and RIS reports restricted by user authorization.

Log into FIORI Launchpad Reporting

To learn how navigate within the FIORI Launchpad (FLP) Reporting, and generate reports take a read through our articles, as well as recordings of our Connect + Learn sessions.

RECORDING: Connect + Learn - Introducing FIORI Launchpad Reporting

This 1 hour information session introduced users to the new application and covered:

  • An overview of RPT FIORI Launchpad
  • Navigating within the new RPT FIORI Launchpad Interface
  • How to locate and execute reports

Click here to view the presentation slides.

March 16th Session:


March 18th Session:


Understanding the FIORI Launchpad Interface

How to Execute/Modify Reports and Attach Files

Known Issues

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